Welcome to Parenting Plus 
The place for good parents who want to become great parents! 

So many of us attend training courses and study for our careers, yet when it comes to the most important job of all, being a parent, what do we do?
How do we make sure we’re doing everything we can to make sure we’re the best parent we can be?

Optimal learning about parenting takes place when people sit together in small, informal groups and discuss challenges and talk about solutions from a caring, competent person.

We can help! At Parenting Plus, we provide 6 session parenting classes in relaxed environments with between 5-7 participants per class where you can learn life-changing skills for your family. 

New to Parenting the Love and Logic Way?

Parenting the Love and Logic Way is the latest curriculum from the Love and Logic Institute and suitable for parents of chlidren all ages. Founded by leading parenting experts, Jim Fay and Foster Cline M.D, this 6 session programme provides practical solutions to common issues such as:

• Getting your children to listen first time.
• getting out of the house on time, without lectures, threats, repeated warnings or yelling. 
• Avoid unwinnable struggles over homework, technology, video games, TV, going out and much, much more.
• Tactics for teasing and bullying
• Staying calm when children do incredibly upsetting things.
• Raising children who are family members rather than dictators. 
• Up the odds that your children will grow up strong and self-assured.

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